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April 17th 2017

Infuse Your Corporate Meeting with New Energy

Photos by Colson Griffith Photography.

Every corporate meeting is challenged by two competing objectives, successfully communicating key business messages critical for future performance, while also keeping the event interesting, dynamic, entertaining and engaging. These two goals, which may seem inherently in conflict, don’t need to be when event planners harness the power of meeting “energizers”. But what are these strategies and how do you leverage them for the benefit of your company meeting?

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Appreciating Administrative Assistants: Leadership in Event Coordination

Anna Marie Events is a proud Award Level sponsor of the April 19th Silicon Valley Admin Awards (SVAA) event  in Santa Clara, a sponsor of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) Summit where we are the host sponsor of their Speed Networking event on July 22, and a preferred vendor of the Executive Assistants Organization (EAO). We love all things “admin”! Why? Because Anna used to be one, too (many years ago), and we know how essential executive and administrative assistants are to everything that goes on in the corporate world.

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The Hidden Costs of DIY Event Planning & Management

In a corporate world mesmerized by productivity gains, efficiency enhancers and cost-cutting, it might seem appropriate for in-house event teams to “go it alone” when it comes to corporate event planning and management. After all, we all know that the fewer folks involved, the faster decisions are made and we have all been taught the rules of the road when it comes to sticking to a budget. But what we all might not know is that sometimes, this could be a recipe for actually spending more and delivering a less than optimal outcome.

So what are the potential mine fields associated with “do it yourself” corporate event planning?

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