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December 7th 2017

Streamlining A Corporate Event in the Planning Stages Saves Time, Money and Energy

The planning of most corporate events is carefully scrutinized by management teams, administrative teams and marketing teams. At Anna Marie Events we place a high premium on making sure we are 100% in sync with what our clients are targeting as desired event outcomes. But that’s only part of the story. As all good event planners know, execution is everything and the best event game plan can fail if the logistical plan is flawed. If vendors don’t arrive on time. If technical AV isn’t functional. If contingencies aren’t planned for appropriately. One way to help ensure “day of” success is to simplify and streamline the game plan to begin with. That’s where we started with this year’s innovation event for Spigit Ignite 2017.

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Unconventional Venues and Event Programs: Take Your Sales Meeting Outdoors


Lots of our corporate clients use outdoor spaces for company picnics, teambuilding sessions and annual celebration events but we were thrilled when Mountain Hardware asked us to partner with them around their sales kickoff event – at Muir Beach.

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The Art of Juggling: What Event Planners Can Learn From CEOs, Moms and Politicians

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As an industry professional, I am often asked about what I view as the critical skill sets of a successful corporate events planner. Not a simple question! Event planners must be right brain and left brain, detail oriented and strategic, forecaster/planners and operational “in the moment” reactors. But without a doubt, all effective event planners must know how to artfully juggle their priorities, deadlines, resources and relationships. That in fact, may be the most critical talent of all for event planners moving forward and upward in their careers.

How do you learn to successfully juggle? Three tips: simplify, delegate, communicate.

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