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March 24th 2017

Using Light and Sound to Transform A Company Headquarters

At Anna Marie Events, we’re often asked to use company headquarter space as the venue for many corporate events. Samsung invited us to design and produce their recent year-end holiday celebration at their new San Francisco office at [venue address]. This amazing minimalist-styled, modern space was the perfect tableau to inspire innovation and challenge our creativity. Our challenge was to take a familiar space where employees spend most of their working lives and transform it into an exciting space worthy of a 5-star celebration. So how did we do it?

Find out!

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March 21st 2017

Taking Over An Entire Corporate Event Venue To Maximize ROI and Value

We’ve been privileged at Anna Marie Events to work on many different types of corporate events from corporate meetings and celebrations to VIP gatherings and employee team building events. One of our favorite opportunities is being able to take advantage of venue buyouts where our team can completely take over an entire venue and leverage all aspects of the venue to deliver on our value proposition for our corporate event clients. Zendesk’s event gave us the perfect opportunity.

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Startup Health Festival 2017: Breaking Records

Startup Health delivered in spades this year with their January 2017 Startup Health Festival held again at the Workshop Café, located at 180 Montgomery Street in downtown San Francisco. Tripling attendance to 2500 registrants and featuring Vice President Joe Biden among other luminaries, this compelling gathering of investors, entrepreneurs and trend setters in all things healthcare broke all records set by our launch event last January. And we “broke the mold” in a number of other ways – from branding to the guest experience!

Here’s how…

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