2019 StartUp Health Festival Expands Impact and Pushes Innovation

Now in its 7th year, the StartUp Health Festival has matured into a “go to” event in early January timed around the start of J.P. Morgan Week. The festival is part of the StartUp Health experience, which includes the StartUp Health Academy, a coaching program for entrepreneurs, the StartUp Health Network linking advocates through multimedia and social media, StartUp Health Magazine and StartUp Health Ventures, investing in companies focused on critical health solutions and innovation. Anna Marie Events has been helping to power attendee engagement at the StartUp Health Festival for the past four years as the event has grown from hundreds of participants to thousands.

This year’s festival again exceeded last year’s reach, selling out at over 2,000 attendees and hosted in the high impact venue of the Village. With keynotes from Jill Biden, CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Todd and Ed Park among others, the event launched a new “addiction moonshot” dedicated to fighting the opioid epidemic. And with a deliberate focus on diversity and women, Stat News reported that the StartUp Health Festival had achieved the strongest line-up of women hitting a main stage during JPM Week.

At Anna Marie Events, our objective for this year’s festival was to take the event to the next level of professionalism and polish while deepening our attendees experience with the brand. We wanted to make transitions between program segments easy and fluid, add more opportunities for attendee-to-attendee interaction and infuse even more impact into the visual presentation of branded event elements.

Deepen the Brand Experience

The StartUp Health Festival’s program now embraces a series of powerful industry leaders as speakers as well as 100 Founders of StartUp Health Academy known as Health Transformers. Showcasing Health Transformers’ solutions is critical to the success of the StartUp Health Festival. At this year’s event, the Anna Marie Event’s team worked individually with each keynote speaker and their representatives to ensure that every requirement was met, every contingency covered.

The essence of the StartUp Health brand is to promote better health all over the world. This year we added a new health-infused café and coffee menu featuring Kito coffee, nitro cold brews, paleo coconut lattes and other coffee drinks which reinforced the “health-first” message of the StartUp Health Festival.

Increase Attendee Interaction

As a complement to the many powerful presentations at the festival, opportunities for one-on-one conversations, networking and connection are critical to the StartUp Health event. Particularly since the event has scaled up in size, providing enough venues for these interactions was top on our list. We added lounges on the registration first level at the conference for breaks and we also expanded food and beverage service and availability on all floors of the conference so that attendees didn’t have to move far after keynotes and breakouts to connect and converse. We also added more private meeting rooms for those who needed to have strategic meetings during the event.

Raise the Bar on Visual Impact

The “year-round” nature of all professional conferences has changed the game around ensuring that your conference can become “evergreen” and move from an offline event to an online and ongoing conversation. Knowing this, we built our visual design around the mantra of “video first”. From the color story of our graphics to our design of backdrops and other visual elements, we worked with our AV vendors to deliver visual impact every step of the way.

If you need to inject engagement, creativity and “wow” into your next corporate conference, that is our sweet spot at Anna Marie Events.  We LOVE planning and designing user, client/customer and company conferences!