The 3 Best Reasons to Throw a Company Year End Party



Whether the cost of hosting a year-end party is justified is cause for much debate in corporate circles.  Many companies have chosen to cut back on year-end functions yet they remain a great way to strengthen ties with existing employees, emphasize and showcase company culture and celebrate the accomplishments of your team.  We’ve worked with many corporate event clients who tell us that they receive tremendous payback from their year-end functions. They would tell you there are three great reasons to throw a company year-end party:

YOUR TEAM HAS EARNED IT. Especially in challenging economic times, your team deserves to be rewarded for reaching your company’s and their department’s goals, working together and with vendors and other partners to move the needle. Every company does not exist without its employees.  Give your team a chance to let their hair down and get to know each other without the pressure of deadlines and budget wars.  Playing together offers your team a great way to highlight personality and sense of humor.  Stopping business, hosting a year-end party and thanking your team is a simple but important gesture that will go a long way to visibly communicate in a fun and entertaining way “THANK YOU!  We can’t do it without you”. Get creative. Create a theme for this year’s event which ties to a major milestone you accomplished together. Infuse it in the décor, in the games, in the awards. Give them a branded tchotchke which reminds them of the milestone as a takeaway gift when they leave. By professionalizing your year-end event, you emphasize your company’s values and attention to quality and detail which sets the standard in your industry. And after all, isn’t that why they chose your company to work for in the first place?

PAY IT FORWARD. Year end functions which “give back” to your team can also be a great way to get them fired up and excited about the upcoming sales season. When everyone is socializing and being rewarded (and awarded) is the perfect time to lay the groundwork for the work ahead in a lighthearted way. Add a competition into your event focused on an upcoming goal, tell them the awards you’ll be giving out at NEXT year’s year-end party or create a signature cocktail which is themed to a new company objective. Whatever way you can subtly add a focus on the future into your annual event, you will have begun to set the stage for success.      

AN ANNUAL AFFAIR. One of the best things about a year end party is that it is an anniversary, an event which everyone looks forward to and presents some closure to the hard year behind you. You need happy, engaged and inspired employees to reach your goals and implement your vision, so it’s a GOOD THING (as Martha would say) to spoil your team with a regular year-end celebration. The key is that you break the mold on the boring office party routine. Reverse the program putting your awards at the beginning instead of the end. Make the management team the wait staff. Create a trivia quiz using company tidbits from the year and pit your departments against one another to win a prize. Create an improve skit out of “great moments in 2014” or a promotional video ad spoof. You’ll create some great stories and goodwill. The perfect way to sail into 2015! 

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