3 Ideas for “Out of the Box” Teambuilding Events

It’s that time of year again, summer, when you finally can take a break for some quality group downtime and some teambuilding!  But oh my goodness, how are you going to avoid the “been-there-done-that corporate teambuilding event” blues?  You need to find a new twist on your team’s next adventure or you will undoubtedly disappoint your loyal troops. NOT an option!

Here are three “out of the box” ideas for some fresh, new teambuilding events:


BREATHE IN THE FRESH AIR.  Everyone needs a dose of fresh air. Outdoor experiences combine large, unconfined spaces, an out-of-office, relaxing environment, and the peace and sounds of natural surroundings – all of which create the perfect venue for teambuilding. Nearby local, state or national parks are ideal hosts for an active, group adventure where you can encourage your team to learn something, get to know each other, challenge themselves to get out of their comfort zones and have some fun.  You can also transform your typical picnic area into a branded festival of engaging activities, conversation and food and beverages.  Start by bringing in a quality caterer  and an interesting beverage menu that caters to the drinkers AND non-drinkers, then pick a theme (BBQ with a twist? Sangria & paella? Hawaiian Luau?) and you’re off to a great start.  Next select five unique games to generate some low key but humorous competition (human foosball? corn-hole tournament? obstacle course? human bowling?).  Make sure to keep score so you can provide cool prizes and awards for the winning teams.  And don’t forget to vary the gaming options so the sporty and non-sporty can enjoy themselves. After all, this isn’t the Olympics, you just want your team members to remember what they learned, make some new friends and have a little fun!

TAKE THE SHOW ON THE ROAD.  Sometimes it’s just too difficult to shut the office down for an entire day, especially for start-ups and smaller businesses. Not to worry! Pick an interesting, local venue and entertain your team on a Saturday.  Rent a private estate at the beach and host an all-day oyster tasting complete with beach games.  Or head to the wine country for a day of easy kayaking on the Russian River followed by a picnic with some entertaining games.  Or plan a day and night in Tahoe complete with a daytime scavenger hunt and hiking followed by a fabulous team dinner overlooking the lake.  Delight your team by pre-negotiating preferred hotel rates for those who may want to take advantage of the weekend away by extending a day and/or inviting their families.

CREATE SOME ADRENALINE.  How many people do you know who have said, “I want to go skydiving before I die”?  Did you know that you can, safely, indoors?? Indoor skydiving is great for all – from the risk takers to the risk avoiders. The adrenaline junkies are happy to get their fix of thrills for the day and the rest of team is well entertained by watching the amusing attempts by their teammates and by the professional skydiving performances. Even the more subdued members will enjoy the skydiving educational tour as they learn about aerodynamics and other interesting factoids about the sport.  Top your teambuilding day off with a delicious catered buffet and some creative beverages, of course.  It’s a win-win for everyone!

Need more tips about creating an out of the box teambuilding event? Just call us! 

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