3 Tips for Creating Out of the Box “All Hands On Deck” Corporate Meetings


How did we get to AUGUST??  With Fall looming, your team is wrapping up their summer vacations and getting back to work refreshed and ready to make things happen as you start planning for 2015.  Now it’s time to gather the troops, establish your new slate of company and product goals and get your organization focused on the future.  But with the holidays fast approaching, budgets to finalize and year-end, you have 1,000 things to do, so planning an “out of the box” REALLY unique team rallying event is going to be a major challenge.

Anna Marie Events to the rescue!

Here are three tips for creating a high-energy, memorable and fun All Hands Corporate Meeting, just what your team needs to catch that 2015 fever:

THE UNEXPECTED VENUE. A change of scenery to a really unusual venue can deliver an “unexpected delight” giving your team a subliminal message that 2015 is all about thinking “out of the box”, in fresh, new and creative ways.  Rent out a private room at the nearest baseball stadium.  Deliver your short and sweet message pre-game then join together and cheer on your company AND your home team.      Or take the group to an estate with a private art collection – use the art to creatively deliver your key messages then allowing the team to roam, mingle and relax as they eat and drink for a few hours, sharing ideas about your upcoming initiatives.

BRING ON THE BAR .  In the Bay Area, there are a handful of incredible artisan mixologists who can create incredibly unique “liquid experiences”.  Hire an expert to create and serve a series of cocktails which you name based on your new set of objectives. Offer them up BEFORE the meeting.  Let the team relax and mingle then fire up your rallying pitch.  Ask them to vote on their favorite and add some fun by adding a frozen toy in a handful of ice cubes – whoever gets a toy wins an on-the-spot bonus.

STAR IN YOUR OWN SHOW.  Pick your favorite reality TV show and create your own company competition to kick off the meeting.  For example, imagine… “Brand xxx Chopped” where you create a culinary competition where contestants take a mystery basket of ingredients and turn them into a dish which is then judged on creativity, presentation, and taste with minimal time to plan and execute.  Purchase a random assortment of items for the mystery basket, then have two teams square off and compete for a cool prize, like a new iPad, smartphone or gift certificate to a trendy new restaurant.  Draw names randomly and be sure the judges and teams include members from various departments to get people mixing and unexpected groups working together.   If there is no way to prepare food and renting remote kitchens will not suit the budget, adapt the Chopped rules for a cocktail competition, but be sure to include a mocktail for people who do not imbibe.  Your team will talk about this for weeks!

Need more tips about planning your 2014 or 2015 All-Hands Meeting in the Bay Area? Just call us!

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