Corporate Events & Celebrations: Why Not Try January?

By Anna Rembold

Holiday and year-end events are fabulous, but there are SO many of them in December!  By the end of December, everyone is exhausted… but by week two of January, they are in full “holiday-party” withdrawal and searching for fun things to do.  So why not take advantage of this seasonal hole in the social event calendar and move your next corporate celebration or year-end company function to January?

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Here are 4 reasons to plan a corporate or year-end event in January:   

1. Give Your Team a Break.  In December, your team hits maximum stress levels with year-end company results wrapping up, parties with friends and family, and holiday shopping, travel and planning.  Consider giving them a break, by NOT further cluttering up their schedules by planning a year-end function in December.  Move your event to January when their schedules are more open, minds are fresh and everyone is looking for some fun.

2. Leap Ahead.  Use this opportunity with your January event to strategically set objectives and goals for the year ahead.  Rather than focusing on looking backwards at the year you just completed, shift gears and look forward, toward your company’s upcoming business opportunities.  Use your company celebration to get your team fired up for the year ahead, focus on your company’s bulls’ eyes and outline your vision of success.

3. 86 the Religious Overtones.  The holidays are wonderful, but everyone today celebrates different traditions and holds different beliefs.  Moving your year-end celebration to January takes away all of the pressures of religious affiliation and/or holiday traditions when planning your event. January also allows you a wider choice of event themes so you can get REALLY creative.  How about an Iceland theme, a “Yacht Rock” Party in Winter or a “Creative Carnival”?  Use this time to highlight your company culture, bringing out the best of who you are and celebrating your people and your brand.

4. Deals to Be Had.  January is often considered the slow season in the event planning industry.  Venues are often more available in January, making it easier to plan events.  And some venues and vendors may offer off-season discounts, making a January event a better return on your investment and an opportunity to get more bang for your buck.  Get started planning your corporate event for January!

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