Corporate Training Events: Jazz It Up!


When I hear “upcoming training session” I think…dark room, no fresh air, sitting (lots of sitting), over indulgent snacks, over indulging, and “how will I ever stay awake?”. But company  training sessions don’t have to be so bland nor should they be. Countless research studies show that learning and education when delivered with some audience participation and entertainment, works far better.

So jazz it up and get a big THANK YOU from your team this year with these four ideas for making your 2014 and 2015 corporate training events more engaging and memorable:

ADD SOME MUSICAL FLAVOR.  Bring in a DJ (or live musicians if you have the budget) to sync with your training modules and fill in the gaps between them, inserting some positive, energetic music into your flow.  Use each piece to “introduce” the next section of your training plan. This will give your team a laugh and a lift, help clear their minds and build some energy in the room.  Pick a DJ who has a great repertoire of interesting, rare gems that you can choose between to incite the positive team vibe you need.

GET THEIR GAME ON.  There are amazing new event-ready technologies now available which can bring real time gaming and interaction into your training session, giving life to an otherwise dry day. Think Swarmworks.  Engage your team with relevant questions, capture immediate responses and watch the polling on-screen in real-time. Simple and fun.  Shifting the team’s state of mind from listening to acting, even for a moment, will reengage them and increase their retention of the material.  Round out your day by including a branded custom-designed game to wrap up the session or add an interactive scavenger hunt during the mid-morning break.  Your team will be impressed!

REINVENT THAT MENU.  Pastries, ice cream, candy bars and chocolate are SO good, but sugar leaves the body dragging and lethargic.  I know, I get it, you can’t take away ALL of the good stuff, but you can offer energizing snacks to decrease the likelihood of a full team meltdown after 1pm.  Consider offering company-branded smoothies rather than the ice cream bars as a lunch chaser, or offer up a creative blend of your own recipe of trail mix served in inventive containers rather than candy bars.  You may be surprised how little training program tweaks like this can boost the energy of your team.

GET SOME AIR!  Make sure to choose a training program venue with lots of natural light and easy access to fresh air. Bodies want to be in motion and the mind needs time to reenergize. Schedule time during the sessions to get your team outside, breathing some fresh air and moving their bodies.  Add an athletic mini-challenge to integrate some fun into their outdoor escape.  Add a rock climbing wall, hire a trainer to create an obstacle course, bring in an expert yogi to demo some new moves, or create a simple team relay.  Your team will love it and will actually look forward to the next training session. Well what could be better than THAT?

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