Creative Ways to Give Back to Your Team



In addition to a BANG UP year-end party, there’s many other ways to use the “giving season” to give back to your team. The key is taking a seasonal theme, current trends or the latest company happenings and leveraging these into thank you’s which are relevant and resonate with your team. Here are 3 creative ways to give back to your finest this holiday season:

TURKEY ON US. If you have ever hosted Thanksgiving, you know that the turkey and all the fixins is a BIG investment.  Consider giving members of your team a spot bonus, a Whole Foods coupon for a Thanksgiving turkey.  Be sure to provide at least two weeks notice so they can plan in advance for the holiday. Then personalize the message which goes with each coupon which emphasizes a key accomplishment for each individual on your team. Finally, package this presentation with a professional flourish through a branded, creative surprise announcement (a video email from the CEO) and let everyone find their coupon hanging as an ornament on a “thanksgiving tree” to start up the thankful and thanksgiving vibe!

ISSUE A HOLIDAY TRAVEL CREDIT. It has become exponentially expensive to travel around the holidays.  For team members with family across the country or in remote locations, it can mean the world to have an extra day to travel, allowing employees a window to avoid higher fares and still enjoy quality time with family.  Work with your HR department to provide a flexible hours program for your employees and roll this out well in advance of the holidays to ensure you can keep the home fires burning. For certain positions, offering two days to work remotely can even be workable.  Employees will never forget a gift like this.  

TAKE A DAY OFF TO GIVE. Many people want to give back to their communities over the holiday season but they are trapped by deadlines and ongoing business obligations.  Consider aligning with a local charity (or two or three) and creating a program that allows your employees to take a day to volunteer or otherwise give back.  They will come back with a new perspective, rejuvenated, inspired and ready to work again.    

Looking for creative ways to give back to your team this holiday season?  Just call us!

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