Partner With A Professional for Corporate Event Planning: Outsourcing Event Elements

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One 2016 event planning trend that’s hot these days is outsourcing event elements. There’s a lot of outsourcing going on at a lot of companies these days in transportation, logistics contracting, accounting and administrative functions … and now it’s happening in event planning. It just makes financial sense to move investment dollars to their most efficient use – whether that’s internally or externally. We’re a total supporter of this approach.  We see this happening in several areas, including site searches, conceptual event design support and staffing support.


We recently completed a site search assignment for New Relic. The team at New Relic had their plates full with several mission-critical, time-sensitive projects and needed outside assistance to identify a venue for events being planned in San Francisco, New York and London. While an RFP had been launched to identify a large-scale agency partner longer-term, Anna Marie Events was asked to make a detailed and comprehensive assessment of venue options in these three locations based on New Relic’s requirements and objectives. Using criteria including cost, location, efficiency of load-in capabilities, we produced an “apples-to-apples” comparison of each venue and strategic recommendations for venue selection to the New Relic team.

Spring Studios NYC

Spring Studios NYC


Sometimes when an internal company team is under the gun, trying to meet a million deadlines and mired in business priorities or production of other events, it’s difficult to get creative and come up with new event concepts.  This is where a highly connected, “on-trend” event planning agency can be leveraged to come in and add a lot of value on the creative side.  An experienced outside perspective can provide insights in several areas including:

  • Providing a range of creative options around potential design themes and event elements supporting these
  • Developing early cost estimates around executing these design concepts to create a realistic picture of what is possible given the event budget
  • Facilitating client decision making about how different event elements can be traded off to meet budget objectives within a preferred design concept


Another area where we have noticed an increase in providing some assistance to in-house teams is in event staffing. This occurs most often when company teams just don’t have the bodies and bandwidth to cover all the necessary staffing roles for an event. Typical examples of these situations are company internal events where company teams are expected to be participants, enjoying the celebration, not working the event themselves and all-hands events where team members are expected to be listening and absorbing information rather than staffing the event. At Shutterfly’s all-company picnic, in addition to providing strategic guidance about the event, we staffed event logistics for this very reason.

Sometimes, global players with non-English speaking teams also need assistance with in-market events which address a U.S. audience. At PlayStation Experience 2015 for example, in addition to providing strategic guidance on the overall booth design, we provided booth staffing to Joycity + SNKPlaymore, Indie developers from Korea and Japan who needed booth design and staffing support to leverage their products with PlayStation’s audience of international developers and “gamers”.



Do you have a 2016 or 2017 corporate event which could use some additional support? Get in touch! We’d be happy to provide you with complimentary quotes for these services.