How to Celebrate a Merger of Missions and Values


It takes months of meetings, negotiations and logistical planning to pull off a merger.  But when the deal is sealed and the dust has settled, it’s definitely time to celebrate and Anna Marie Events knows how to create an extraordinary celebration…

When the team at Deezer, the popular music on-demand streaming service, called in need of help to plan a merger celebration with Stitcher, the radio programming and podcast content app, we knew just the place to host the sweet union of two cool, techie brands.  We knew the ever-hip venue, Hotel Zetta’s Playroom, was the perfect site for an interactive and highly entertaining evening.  The Playroom offers an abundance of gaming options, including shuffleboard, pool, ping-pong, human Jenga, and life-sized Plinko, among others.  Guests can socialize and game the night away in a large private space, with dedicated catering and beverage service, which is always exceptional.  And the Cavalier, the Playroom’s London-inspired brasserie, offers exceptional menu options, with some of the best quality food and beverages in the city.

The challenge for this event was to figure out how to transform the straight-forward conference room of the Playroom which was the only option for the seated group dinner given the size of the crowd.  Using the house lighting to start, we added more unique lighting elements, playing off the colorful Deezer logo.  Then creative floral arrangements were designed in vessels that mimicked the Deezer logo and personal place cards were designed for each guest, noting their pre-selected menu options to add a personalized touch.  And with a little more Anna Marie Events pizzazz sprinkled on top, the two company teams, now one,  had a merger and a night to remember.

Here’s what Amy P. had to say about the evening…

“Having worked with Anna before I knew she was the only one that we could trust with our party.  We needed something different than the average office get together.  We needed something fun, unique, with great food and wine.  And as usual, my expectations were blown away by the amazing party she put together.  From the delicious food, to the games, to the venue, everything was 5 star quality.  I will never turn to anyone else ever.”

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The Deeker and Stitcher teams were jazzed.

“Our event at Zetta’s Playroom was perfect – from the hors d’oeuvres, to the variety of games and entertainment, to the perfect wine-pairing with our dinner courses – and of course the company with which we celebrated! It was a sophisticated atmosphere, but a warm and effective way to socialize with colleagues, make that friends, old and new. Thank you so much!” – Vanessa I.

“I thought the party was great.  I really enjoyed the venue, the service was great, and the food was very good.  I was very impressed by the wine pairing at dinner as well.” – Sean S.

“I thought the venue was lovely; the hotel’s decor felt very French and was artistically warm and welcoming. The appetizers were absolutely delicious — I particularly enjoyed the salted peppers and crab cakes. The white wine made for a perfect pairing and the meal itself was also quite scrumptious. Everyone seemed to have a good time. I know that I enjoyed it very much! Please send my personal Thank You to everyone involved.” – Jim S.

“The party was both fun and elegant at the same time. Fun and games, like table tennis followed by a super delicious sit down meal. Who says you can’t have it all?” – Chuck H.

“To some extent, everybody secretly dreads office parties, but I must admit that this was one of the best office parties I’ve ever been to.  If I knew she was in charge of our next office party, I would look forward to it.” – Madison B.

“Possibly the best corporate dinner I’ve ever attended.  Well organized and a great choice of location!” – Ashley K.

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