At Anna Marie Events, we follow a detailed but easy to follow event design, planning and management protocol at our event planning agency that ensures that no stone is left unturned.

Through a collaborative discovery process, we review your specific event’s goals and help you shape the event’s personality, theme, key elements, decor and design.  You receive a preliminary event budget and a detailed operating plan, which becomes the driver and check-point for every decision we make going forward.

Your detailed project plan, timeline and our visual inspiration board keeps your company project on target, on time and on budget.  We’ve discovered that proactive organization combined with regular and frequent client communication is the key to a stress-free event planning and execution process.  We sweat the details, so you and your guests can enjoy the event experience itself.

At the conclusion of each corporate event we produce, we always solicit debrief feedback from our clients. This critical final step ensures that we can continue to fine tune our approach and maximize the return on your investment.