Infuse Your Corporate Meeting with New Energy

Photos by Colson Griffith Photography.

Every corporate meeting is challenged by two competing objectives, successfully communicating key business messages critical for future performance, while also keeping the event interesting, dynamic, entertaining and engaging. These two goals, which may seem inherently in conflict, don’t need to be when event planners harness the power of meeting “energizers”. But what are these strategies and how do you leverage them for the benefit of your company meeting?

Successful corporate events do not follow the mainstream path of keynote, breakout presentations, lunch, more breakout presentations, closing keynote. Corporate meetings that carefully balance program content with dynamic “events within the event” keep an audience alert and engaged and tap into less traditional formats that are highly participative and unexpected. Here are some examples of meeting “energizers” that can be incorporated into your corporate meeting agendas.


Everyone loves music. It is universal, agnostic, multi-dimensional and sensual, connecting with our emotions and our personalities. Drum Café has pioneered an interactive teambuilding event experience which has been vetted across 20 countries in over 20,000 events wowing clients from Oprah Winfrey to PricewaterhouseCoopers. Break your corporate audience into drumming teams. Give them each an instrument and teach them how to work together to achieve harmony and a rousing, communal beat. Then reward them with their own branded drumstick to take home with them to remind them of the powerful team vibe they created together.


Comedy is another extremely popular, mainstream love. Who doesn’t like to watch SNL, Seth Meyers or Leslie Jones? Adding a well-deserved comedy break into your meeting program is like taking a deep breath in the middle of a race to a deadline. It just does you good. Hire a local comedian to get the laughter rolling and leave your audience smiling.


Gamification is a very hot trend. Create a custom, event-branded multiple-layered contest that you can artfully integrate throughout your event with a grand prize at the close of the event for the winner. Start with a brain teaser to get their creative juices going. Then sprinkle in a trivia contest and tie your trivia to business messages you want your audience to remember. Challenge your contestants to come up with the best business idea inspired by the conference. Then cap off the competition by asking them to invent a drink recipe for the featured company cocktail at next year’s conference.


Juniper Networks used hilarious cartoons for years in their marketing campaigns – a wildly successful strategy that got tech industry notice. Hiring a cartoonist to capture funny scenes at your company meeting will, too. Tweet them out periodically to attendees to keep them eagerly waiting for the next installment. Create cartoon portraits of your keynotes and presenters and collect a quote from each of them with a key message to post underneath their caricature. These can be used to market next year’s event while entertaining this year’s audience!

Don’t let your next company meeting be a snooze! Use these (or other) meeting “energizers” to add dynamic spice to your next event and create a formula for success. Call us and we’d be glad to help!

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