How Lighting Design Transforms Events – From Perception to Reality

As all experienced event planners know, the ambiance of an event is critical to creating the right mood and energy for each segment of your event program. Lighting plays an instrumental role in delivering the right tone and emphasis whether you are spotlighting a speaker or using light as an artistic element to add color and vibrancy to entertainment breaks. But how do you design the right balance of lighting and lighting flow that maps appropriately to your event program?

We believe there are three keys to making this happen.

#1: Get Creative with Low Lights and High Lights

We always find it amazing to see the degree of transformation you can create within most event venues simply through the use of strategic low lights and high lights.

#2: Add Unconventional Elements that Wow the Crowd

A second way to creatively use lighting to energize your event is to introduce it in non-traditional places, on a dancefloor, in furniture and through “fantasy world” illuminated elements.

#3: Gobo’s That Grab Attention

A third strategy for using lighting to enhance your event is through the application of gobo projected designs in areas where they will be noticed and add an element of playful fun. Gobos have been used to creatively add company logo branding in unexpected places at corporate events as well as for placing geometric and curved design elements to add texture and excitement to larger spaces. The magic of gobos is that you can not only project simple messages and brand logos, but you can also create colorful environments and scenery at a very affordable cost.

At Anna Marie Events, we LOVE lighting. Let’s get creative together!

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