Our team of professional event planners at Anna Marie Events keeps expanding along with our diverse network of clients. From operation managers to set designers, videographers to photographers, production assistants to project managers, we’ve always got you covered at Anna Marie Events.

Meet the fabulous and talented team at Anna Marie Events!

Tish Hendershot – Executive Producer

Tish Hendershot joined Anna Marie Events in 2019 as Executive Producer to oversee all event operations. Tish has over 25 years of experience in the event industry.  She has been consistently recognized for her ability to translate a vision for an event into distinctive experiences, her proactive approach, and her strong skills in communication and client service. Tish loves the element of storytelling and looks for ways to creatively incorporate details (both great and small) that extend the reach and impact of events with an audience. Tish’s event production expertise is complimented with her media background as both an Account Manager at FORTUNE Magazine and as a Webcast Producer at StarMedia Network.  An avid adventure traveler since the age of 17 and a self-proclaimed social (lover of people) anthropologist, Tish has ventured to over 140 countries and individual islands. Make sure to ask her about her favorite travel experiences and the kindness of strangers.

“I’m excited about cultivating the talent, new ideas, and industry practices which will further the success and growth of Anna Marie Events” 

Danielle Golik, Director of Operations at Anna Marie Events

Danielle is the soul of the office.  Danielle manages the complete scope of business operations for Anna Marie Events, including finance and accounting, people management and recruiting and process management. Her background includes four years of conference planning and management with Fortune 500 companies.  She started her career at Wells Capital Management and has over 10 year’s experience in Financial Services.  She is a California Bears fan all the way (go Berkeley), loves to golf (handicap 12), and is supermom to a budding intern.  A little-known secret is that you can often find her on a walking tour in San Francisco soaking up the history of our amazing city.

“Anna Marie Events supports each of our client’s creative vision with the utmost in detailed accountability and actionable intelligence to make each event successful.”

Charlotte Lopp, Executive Assistant at Anna Marie Events

Charlotte is Anna’s right-hand and helps keep everything and everyone involved with Anna Marie Events moving forward, leveraging the strong analytical skills she gained while an undergraduate in Biology and Neuroscience at USF. Charlotte’s career trajectory pivoted towards the event’s industry after meeting Anna and learning about her vision for Anna Marie Events within the corporate event space. She’s an avid Overwatch player and Overwatch League’s fan (go Seoul Dynasty), loves baking with her youngest, and enjoys movie/TV show marathons with her family and 3 pets (2 cats and a dog) whenever she isn’t coaching her youngest’s soccer team.

“I love being part of a company that is composed of quality people, operating off of great values and working to craft superlative experiences.”