Why You Should Outsource Your Annual Partners Meeting


While working in private equity, I saw the incredible importance of the annual partners meeting every year. This is THE meeting where the performance of your fund’s investments are tied back to the performance of your portfolio investments and everyone is held accountable. Investors are watching and you don’t want to miss a beat. All of your team’s time needs to go into scrubbing the numbers, conducting fund reconciliations and then packaging the information into a seamless flow of a visual presentation that will communicate your key messages and WOW your investors. Then you need to coordinate the meeting logistics, communicate with your investors and incent them to attend the meeting. Getting the logistics right can make or break a meeting, but you wouldn’t want your focus on logistics to distract from the mission critical task of keeping a consistent personal touch with investors and getting your messaging and presentation perfect.

Outsourcing your annual partners meeting to a professional meeting planner provides you a host of benefits.

  • Many annual partner meetings move around between locations based on the group’s office locations, where key investors are located or where key portfolio companies are located. An experienced professional can guide you through making a choice of locale for hosting your next partner meeting based upon the pro’s and con’s of different cities and associated local attractions your investors might want to wrap into their itineraries.  The meeting professional can also help you negotiate contracts to optimize your budget and minimize risk.
  • Once the date and meeting location has been set, your planner can help you identify facility needs for AV, menu, bar and other services, and identify a full range of local options for all your meeting venue(s). Hiring an experienced, networked national meeting planner gives you insider insights you may not have on your own about which venue’s staffs and facilities can truly be trusted with your meeting’s requirements.
  • A professional planner can also help develop contingency plans should your hotel run short of capacity in key areas (transportation, food, hotel space, etc.) and be your on-the-ground negotiator with local hotel management to help monitor your program and save you money.
  • Finally, a local event planner is also invaluable on the “day of”, running interference with AV and other hotel staff, solving issues that arise without you having to get involved and making sure that your guests can easily transition from venue “point to point” based on your pre-planned agenda and meeting flow.

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