Samsung’s Sweet Spot: Embracing the “360-Degree” Employee

One of our favorite things to do at Anna Marie Events is work collaboratively with our clients to increase the level of engagement of event attendees through the planning of activities at our events. A terrific example of this was our recent “Family, Food and Fun” event we helped design for Samsung. Bringing employees’ partners, children and family dynamic into a company event is the perfect opportunity to embrace employees from a 360-degree perspective, share Samsung’s brand values with its extended brand “family”, and help to cement positive company vibes among attendees.

Here’s how we did it…

At Samsung, being part of the Samsung family extends way beyond the employees themselves. The company embraces the entire workforce and individual employees in a progressive “360-degree way”, embracing the reality that an employee’s family is a critical support to everything their employees deliver when they are working at Samsung. At the company’s recent offsite at Great America, “Family, Food & Fun”, we took this mission seriously in designing this highly interactive multi-generational event.

And of course, it was all in the details. We begin by making sure all attendees were prepped with colorful branded t-shirts not just for employees but also for their children and guests. Giveaways included branded water bottles and shades:

We added popular entertainers to float through the crowd to keep the excitement flowing and kid-friendly activities such as face painting and coloring books.

And we selected engaging activities which reached across age-groups and generations to ensure no family members would be left out. From bubble blowing to basket pong, face painting to temporary tattoos, Lego to ping pong, corn holes to hula hoops, there was a wide diversity of choice of action-packed fun for employees and their families.

We also used “events within the events” to keep the excitement up. Hosting a silent auction with great prizes and a President’s Raffle created lasting wins with employees who were lucky winners.


And we creatively used the space at Great America, separating activities using colorful theme-coordinated signage, artificial turf and custom-designed booths to point attendees to different event features.

Planning, designing and producing this event for Samsung was a win-win for our team at Anna Marie Events. From employee events to corporate celebrations, this was our fifth event for this innovative technology leader and we couldn’t be prouder to be working with them.

“When we decided to host our employee “Family, Food & Fun” event at Great America, we had a really short timeline. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how we could do it, but Anna Marie Events pulled it off, AGAIN. We had over 2,000 attendees with lots of kids and we got great feedback about all the fun, engaging activities, great food and diverse entertainment. Kudos to the team at AME!” – Charissa Gant, Head of Employee Communications & Events, Samsung.

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