San Francisco Bay Area Venue Sourcing Made Easy: 4 Tips


Where you host your next meeting is almost as important as how you execute it.  New corporate meeting venues are constantly coming into the market in any metropolitan area and San Francisco’s Bay Area is no exception.

Your facilities budget gives you a framework for narrowing the range, but without the local knowledge about the practical pro’s and con’s of each venue opportunity, it is often daunting to make an informed choice. Working with an experienced professional planner can ensure you are fully up to speed about the latest venue options, are fully informed about the full range of venue fees and understand the benefits and drawbacks associated with different facilities and locations.


Here are four critical factors in making decisions about which San Francisco Bay Area venue is right for your next corporate event:

LOCATION:  The decision about where to host your next event should take into consideration numerous factors in addition to your event budget.  Consider whether it makes overall sense to host your meeting in SOMA, the Financial District or elsewhere in San Francisco versus in neighboring areas such as on the Peninsula or Silicon Valley. Be sure to factor in all potential travel costs and the need to minimize drive time.  Is your program ideally situated in a bustling, walkable business setting or better suited for a quiet, offsite location outside the main city center? Do you need access to local restaurants and bars or is an all-inclusive event location which provides a “one stop shopping” solution a better option given your event’s agenda?

GUEST SERVICES:  Many of the attendees of your next corporate meeting will undoubtedly be arriving from outside the Bay Area. Regardless of whether you are covering the cost of guest airfare or not, you will want to make it easy on your guests to get to your meeting, giving them as many direct flights as possible and providing access to a variety of local service providers for maximum flexibility.  Making sure guests know all the benefits associated with your venue ahead of time will minimize guest headaches once they arrive in San Francisco and quickly enable them to take advantage of available transportation, concierge and venue amenities.

VENUE SEASONS:  All venues have booking seasons, periods of high demand that impact venue pricing.  Venue seasons also impact ancillary expenses, with a “trickle down” effect on travel, food, entertainment and other meeting expenses. Work with your event planner to fully understand the local Bay Area bookings season and the market cycle for different venues so that you can reserve the right local venue for your event based on your budget before securing contracts.

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE:  Entertainment is a critical element to any corporate meeting.  By selecting a venue proximate to entertainment options for your meeting attendees, you can significantly reduce your meeting costs. If you do end up selecting a more isolated venue, consider the option of bringing in quality entertainment.  Use your event planner’s networks to mine the area for local talent to avoid the high costs of importing out of area talent.

We’re here to help you select the perfect San Francisco corporate event venue which meets your event’s specific needs. Just call us!

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