Spigit Ignite 2018: An Energy-Infused Conference – From Design to Production

Every time we anniversary a conference event, we look to new opportunities to add value. Can we use a more creative theme? Insert new audience engagement strategies? Revolutionize the flow of the program to add freshness and intrigue? This year’s annual customer conference hosted by Spigit was a great example of event transformation in practice.

The Spigit Ignite event “Idea to Impact” was held this year on May 1st and 2nd, 2018 and event attendance blew past last year’s numbers. Bringing together worldwide leaders in innovation from public and private sectors, this inspiring theme celebrated the latest solutions and best practices in innovation – from startups to corporate enterprises. Inspiring speakers throughout the program included keynote Marcus Shingles, CEO of XPrize with a host of a supporting “cast” of other leaders in innovation:

  • Linda Lavelle, Director, Knowledge Management, Johnson & Johnson
  • Wayne Bush, Global Director – HR Business Partners & HR Operations, Nu Skin
  • Julie Pigott, Director Innovation Support, Southern Company
  • Jeff George, VP of Research & Development, Campbell Soup Company
  • Geoff Tuff, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP
  • Patricia Forts, Deputy Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
  • Chris Morris, Chief Innovation Officer, Herbalife
  • Shawn Herrera, Director of Corporate Partnerships, Pepperdine University
  • John Klick, Senior Manager, Worldwide Innovation, Pfizer
  • Claire Kingston, Director of Platform Innovation and Design, Bioresearch Quality and Compliance
  • Christian Weh, Sr. Director Global MAKE, Johnson & Johnson
  • Erica Church, Improvement Specialist, Government of Saskatchewan
  • Jesse Arundell, Senior Open Innovation Consultant, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Mike Walker, Innovation Center Lead, Raytheon

With an expanded speaker list as well as a longer program including breakout training sessions, exciting product “reveals” and customer panels, we knew we had to design extra energy into the Spigit Ignite event. Here’s how we did it…

Conference Planning Tip #1: Strategically Use Music to Create Boundaries for “Events Within the Event”

To give each speaker their own special segment on the program, we used different music tracks as a prelude to their walk-ons. This helped differentiate each speaker topic, add drama and energy to their introduction and infuse a universal connector (music) within the audience. We also used music strategically at the breaks so that the beginning and end of it, clearly sent a message to attendees, “time to move to the next part of the program”.

Conference Planning Tip #2: Design the Show’s Flow to Increase the Pace Without Overloading the Audience

Another way we infused more energy into Spigit Ignite was by moving around the order of different parts of the program to keep the pace up overall.  This created an unexpected flow which kept the audience focused on the program content and speaker messages.

We also designed an interactive photo wall where attendees could snap photos of themselves with other attendees and post their images. A customer review station invited on-site feedback via customer panels (Nu Skin, Southern Company, Nasdaq, Deloitte, Campbells, Herbalife, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Raytheon among others).

Conference Planning Tip #3: Add Entertaining Fun Around Product “Reveals”

To facilitate interaction and build awareness of new innovative products across companies attending the conference, a Spigit product hub was developed and showcased these throughout the event. This allowed attendees to review merchandised products during breaks at their leisure, creating a fun and entertaining break from training and speaker sessions.

Do you have a plan to take your next corporate meeting or conference to even greater heights? Let us help!