Startup Health Festival 2017: Breaking Records

Startup Health delivered in spades this year with their January 2017 Startup Health Festival held again at the Workshop Café, located at 180 Montgomery Street in downtown San Francisco. Tripling attendance to 2500 registrants and featuring Vice President Joe Biden among other luminaries, this compelling gathering of investors, entrepreneurs and trend setters in all things healthcare broke all records set by our launch event last January. And we “broke the mold” in a number of other ways – from branding to the guest experience!

Here’s how…

Startup Health set a high bar for this year’s event around both education and networking vis-à-vis event attendees. With 175 “Health Transformers” (entrepreneurs) from 18 countries showcased at the event, we knew we had to change our look and our approach to guest engagement to meet both client and guest expectations. We launched a new look anchored around the theme of “moonshots” and “transformation” using oversized graphics throughout the venue to highlight these key messages.

We also worked hard on the design of the guest experience at the event. The Workshop Café’s space had been remodeled and the menu in the café significantly upgraded in 2016, allowing us additional options for the menu and the operational flow at the event.


We added projection screens throughout the event spaces to allow all guests to view what was going on on the main stage at the event, streaming speakers and discussions live throughout the venue. Special sound zones were added to facilitate audio reception and projection. A VIP lounge was added to the festival and the lead partner at Startup Health added a pitch round “Startup Showcase” into the event program.

An added challenge for us as the event designer, planner and producer was the inclusion of Vice President Biden in the program who confirmed his availability only days before the festival’s start date. Working hand in hand with the White House advance team, the Secret Service and local authorities, we were able to incorporate all required security enhancements, shut down Montgomery Street and add necessary security checks at festival entrances. Whew!

We were thrilled as we were last year to be included in this rapidly growing and successful conference in San Francisco. See you next year on January 8th and 9th, for Startup Health Festival 2018!