Streamlining A Corporate Event in the Planning Stages Saves Time, Money and Energy

The planning of most corporate events is carefully scrutinized by management teams, administrative teams and marketing teams. At Anna Marie Events we place a high premium on making sure we are 100% in sync with what our clients are targeting as desired event outcomes. But that’s only part of the story. As all good event planners know, execution is everything and the best event game plan can fail if the logistical plan is flawed. If vendors don’t arrive on time. If technical AV isn’t functional. If contingencies aren’t planned for appropriately. One way to help ensure “day of” success is to simplify and streamline the game plan to begin with. That’s where we started with this year’s innovation event for Spigit Ignite 2017.

This year’s Ignite 2017 held in May 2017 at the Bentley Reserve, hosted by Spigit, brought 200+ innovation leaders from all over the world to connect around the latest examples of ground breaking trends and strategies in ideation, product development and customer experience. Anna Marie Events was on it, designing and producing this annual mecca for innovation leaders held, from start to finish, and that included coming up with an innovative event plan for maximizing impact and minimizing complexity.

The Spigit event, being themed around “innovation”, raised the bar for creativity and ingenuity on the part of our team as event planners. This year, we worked closely with the Spigit team on the event design, stage management (setup, scheduling, cueing of each part of the program), event production and logistics flow so that event attendees were actively engaged, but also impressed. With speakers from industry leaders including Damion Heredia, VP of Watson Strategic Partnerships at IBM Watson, and executives from multiple Fortune 500 companies participating and with record attendance at Ignite 2017, we had our work cut out for us.

We centered the action around a branded stage which served as the pivot point for all content within the event’s packed program:

To get on the radar of our attendees, we then added a toy lounge which featured 3-D drawings, AR and VR demos from Helios Interactive and a “build your own robot” interactive playstation.

Creativity in design for Ignite 2017 event was equally balanced with a strong commitment from our Spigit/AME team around streamlining execution to minimize “day of” issues.

How did we do this? Four ways:

  • First, we developed a detailed communications plan between our event team and speakers at the event to delineate requirements and formats for receipt of content.
  • Second, we also created earlier deadlines for receipt of presentations so that we could time out transitions in the program and ensure A/V setup was in step with presentation technical needs.
  • Third, we added lots of dress rehearsals into our planning process so that we could ensure a smoother flow, readjust the order of program elements and facilitate a smoother delivery on the part of speakers.
  • Finally, we prepared for contingencies such as more walk-ins by readjusting the layout and design of the space to increase capacity to meet the needs of the larger crowd.

If you need to tap into our expertise to save energy, time and money on your next corporate event, do get in touch!