Three Strategies for Delivering A Top Notch Executive Retreat


If you’re hosting an executive retreat, something big is happening at your company. Maybe you’re restructuring. Maybe you need to brainstorm a new product direction. Maybe you’re merging with another company. Maybe you just need some critical executive team building. Whatever your reason, you need to ensure that your executive retreat is carefully planned around this new development as well as the dynamics within your team.

Here are our three best recommendations for strategies aimed at delivering excellence at your next executive retreat:

#1: Choose the right location and venue. If you are going to be brainstorming where you need a lot of right brain, informality and outdoor “refresh” time, you are not going to meet this challenge in a boardroom. On the other hand, if you are restructuring and need maximum “mum’s the word” confidentiality, you might want to find an out of the way location where you will not be spotted and where you can discuss sensitive matters in comfort and in private. If you are merging, maybe you need a neutral, upbeat location which will set the tone for a new union and a new chapter in your companies trajectory. Plan your meeting locale strategically.

#2: Don’t make it all business. As we know, great relationships take nurturing. Many great business relationships also began with a great personal relationship. Time for socializing and getting to know your fellow team members is critical to developing a better and deeper understanding of them as professionals. Make sure to build socializing into your retreat’s agenda. Inject some laughter, provide time when the team can let their guard down and have some fun. It is the one thing they are sure to remember long after the retreat concludes.

#3: Be creative about opportunities for learning. Why be boring at your executive retreat? By using video, a mobile app or a scavenger hunt, encouraging attendees to adopt unconventional or reversed roles or perhaps setting up mock teams that disrupt party or functional lines, you can inspire more innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. Be bold and be better.

Are you hosting an executive retreat in 2016? We’d love to hear from you!