Transforming an Executive Retreat into A “Hospitality” Experience at Twitter

Executives, by nature, have high expectations for performance and that includes for executive retreats. Taking precious time away from top priorities, these on or off-site gatherings can sometimes be viewed skeptically by those attending them. Luckily, finding a solution to this challenge is one of our sweet spots at Anna Marie Events. A case in point is one of our top tech client’s recent executive off-site that we designed and produced. We decided to reinvent this top-talent huddle into an experience more akin to what you might find at the Four Seasons, appropriately themed “Everything Is Awesome”.

One of the ways we differentiate Anna Marie Events from other corporate event planning companies is in the level of service which we provide to our clients. Client service is EVERYTHING at our company and every AME team member knows it. We like to say that we offer a “concierge” level of client service, going above and beyond to ensure that our clients needs are anticipated not just served. We believe there is no substitute for successful execution on this mantra and the results for us in terms of client referrals, reviews and net promoter scores.

For this event, we were challenged to take our ballroom venue in Oakland and creatively come up with two adjacent spaces, one all social, one all business. We also needed to be innovative and creative to meet the expectation implied by our “everything is awesome” theme. Our audience was a global department at a top tech company consisting of 80 executives and their departmental teammates.

Working closely with the events planning administrative team, we were able to review all critical path details about the program, target audience and event flow in advance to ensure everyone was on the same page with regard to event objectives and opportunities.

We then worked to select our extended team of vendors from entertainers to leadership training executives, offsite venues and graphic designers and review our selections with the client team. A detailed and frequently updated event schedule, which was shared in real time with our extended team allowed us all to change strategy quickly and efficiently. A systematized process for ongoing communications, including text and email reminders ensured that we together met project deadlines. Flexibility in adjusting to necessary changes and agile, rapid response times by our team at Anna Marie Events similarly worked to deliver a “concierge” level of customer service to the client team.

Before the day of the event, our on-site production team had proactively planned for all contingencies. The program flowed effortlessly and our Client event team told us we “checked all the boxes” successfully going above and beyond their expectations.

“Our recent executive offsite in Oakland exceeded all our expectations. We picked the venue, but you totally transformed it, creatively interpreting our “everything is awesome” theme. Incredible! The best part was AME’s proactive planning, flexibility, follow-up on every detail, and ongoing communications with us. Impeccable client service. More like a concierge almost than an event planning team. Your team at Anna Marie Events is truly amazing, wonderful, and awesome (no fluff, all facts).  I will be working with you in the future!” – Monique Mosley, Business Strategy Program Manager, User Services, Twitter.

If you have an upcoming executive retreat, we’d love to share our event planning and production process with you so you can make an informed choice about which event planning company to hire. We love transparency at Anna Marie Events!