Using Light and Sound to Transform A Company Headquarters

At Anna Marie Events, we’re often asked to use company headquarter space as the venue for many corporate events. Samsung invited us to design and produce their recent year-end holiday celebration at their new San Francisco office. This amazing minimalist-styled, modern space was the perfect tableau to inspire innovation and challenge our creativity. Our challenge was to take a familiar space where employees spend most of their working lives and transform it into an exciting space worthy of a 5-star celebration. So how did we do it?

Find out!

Using light and sound, we were able to manipulate ambiance and atmosphere to completely change the event vibe at Samsung’s event.  By tenting and heating the outdoor area and furnishing this space with inviting lounge furniture, colorful screens and hedging, we were able to maximize event flow while also giving guests more options for mingling and relaxing.

For event lighting, we added uplighting, LED-lit colorful ice sculptures, market string overhead lighting, high-resolution gobo projections and gel over the industrial lights to warm up the interior. Custom music and playlists were added in the café and main lobby areas with a D.J. and a cover band on tap in the tent to add variety and alternative spaces for guests to enjoy.

An LED dancefloor completed the effect, a centerpiece attraction which invited guests into the action.

Each space at the Samsung headquarter’s event was further differentiated through different decor elements. By adding pipe and drape around a center island in the commissary area, for example, and using formal linens and florals, we created an elegant dining experience in the café area a lot more like a 5-star restaurant and nothing like a cafeteria’s.

Finally, the main lobby became a vibrant, full-on casino with dealers, casino tables and even an exciting wine toss “event within the event”. And a conference room became a candy dessert palace decorated with silver, white and sparkling visual elements.


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