Visual Branding and Messaging: StartUp Health Raises the Bar On Impact & Influence

This year’s StartUp Health Festival, now in its 6th year, moved to a new venue, the Village on Market Street.  The space is four times the size of the festival’s former digs at the Workshop Café, but that wasn’t the only big move on the part of this increasingly popular event. With a full complement of star power including Keynote Speaker, Former Vice President Joe Biden, athletes from Andre Iguodala to Kerri Walsh Jennings, and a bevy of healthcare industry luminaries, this year’s event grew to over 2,500 attendees, effectively competing for mindshare with the 2018 J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference.

So when your startup conference expands to a venue four times larger in size, stretching over three floors, how do you develop a communications strategy and roadmap for your attendees which gets them where they need to go and delivers your key messages effectively and efficiently?

It all begins with great visual messaging. The power of graphics – from infographics to hashtags to images – has become a more and more successful marketing strategy in an information-overload world where too many messages are competing for our attention – across screens and meeting venues. Social media has embraced it and Instagram’s success attests to it. Visual messaging via graphics taps into the tremendous power of simplicity to create focus and impact. In short, less is more.

Conference organizers and meeting planners also know that consistency in branding couldn’t matter more in great event marketing. So true to form, the StartUp Health logo colors were front and center at this year’s event, tied into all the graphic visuals used across the Village. And by continuing our use of huge “impact” messages within the venue, we injected a sense of global mission and cause that unites the entrepreneurial attendees at the conference and is central to StartUp Health’s core values.

This year we took visual messaging even further, adding an historic milestone timeline into our infographics with a “moonshot” forecast into the future, adding a positive outlook for new healthcare solutions envisioned by the attendees of the conference.

We also needed to keep attendees moving (and in the right direction) between floors and so added creative messaging on some of the stairwells to inject signage where it mattered so VIPs could easily navigate to the VIP lounge upstairs.

Accenture, one of the Lead Innovators and sponsors of StartUp Health’s 2018 Festival, also promoted their Accenture HealthTech Innovation Challenge with special branded signage.

Finally, using messaging in unexpected places is also key to keeping a conference fresh, exciting and well, cool! Kudo’s to Klick Health!

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